Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

SFA Laboratory Research Manager

Henry Shaw, Deputy Associate Director for Science & Technology
  • Physical & Life Sciences Directorate, LLNL
  • Primary Liaison to DOE Office of Biological & Environmental Research

SFA Lead Scientist

Rhona Stuart, SFA Technical Co-Manager
  • Marine microbiology, phycology, & ecology
  • Proteomics integration with stable isotope tracing
  • Fluorescence in-Situ Hybridization (FISH)

Scientific Leads

Jennifer Pett-Ridge, Plant-Microbial Interactions
  • Environmental microbial ecology
  • Isotope tracing/NanoSIMS & plant-microbe interactions
  • DOE Early Career Fellow
Peter Weber, New Methods Development, NanoSIMS lead scientist
  • Geochemistry, microanalysis, & isotopic analyses
  • High resolution imaging
Xavier Mayali, Algal-Bacterial Interactions
  • Aquatic microbial ecology & biogeochemistry
  • Algae-bacteria culturing & characterization
  • Chip-SIP technology development
Ali Navid, Computational Modeling
  • Advanced scientific computing
  • In silico models of cellular processes at genome-scale
  • Predictive multi-objective models of metabolism in communities
Erin Nuccio, Plant-Microbial Interactions, Bioinformatics
  • Root-rhizosphere transcriptomics
  • Network analysis
  • Stable Isotope Probing


Michael Thelen
  • Plant & bacterial biochemistry
  • Algal-bacterial exopolymer & metabolite characterization
  • Meta-proteomics & -transcriptomics
Patrik D’haeseleer
  • Bioinformatics
  • Computational biologist
  • Meta-‘omics analysis & systems biology of communities
Jeff Kimbrel
  • Plant-microbial interactions
  • Bioinformatics & computational biology
Ty Samo
  • Algae-bacteria culturing
  • Growth analyses using bulk and single-cell approaches
Steve Blazewicz
  • Plant-microbial interactions
  • Quantitative Stable Isotope Probing (qSIP)
  • Isotope tracing with 13C, 15N and 18O

Postdoctoral Scientists

Chris Ward
  • Algal predation, parasitism, & pond ecology
  • Algae-bacteria cultivations
Vanessa Brisson
  • Metabolomics
  • Bioinformatics
  • Plant-microbe interactions
Rachel Hestrin
  • Plant-microbe interactions
  • Mycorrhizal fungi
  • Terrestrial biogeochemistry
  • Plant resilience to stress

Lawrence Graduate Scholars

Rachel Neurath
  • LLNL Livermore Scholar
  • Graduate Student, UC Berkeley
  • Plant-microbe carbon economy
Colleen Hui
  • LLNL Livermore Scholar
  • Graduate Student, UC Los Angeles/UC Berkeley Merchant Lab
  • Algal trace metal metabolism and imaging
Katie Harding
  • LLNL Livermore Scholar
  • Graduate Student, UC Santa Cruz, Zehr Lab
  • Nitrogen fixation

Staff Scientists

Jessica Wollard
  • Laboratory manager
  • Molecular & microbial techniques
Christine Ramon
  • Electron Microscopy
  • Sample preparation, embedding, & sectioning
Shalini Mabery
  • Livermore MicroArray Laboratory (LMAC) microarray fabrication
  • Microarray & molecular analyses
  • Chip-SIP method development
Kristina Rolison
  • Algal culturing
  • Microbial culturing
  • Outdoor algal management


Sandia National Laboratories (Livermore)

Todd Lane, Distinguished Member, Sandia Technical Staff
  • Applied phycology & molecular genetics of microalgae
  • Automated analysis of next-gen sequencing for communities
  • Macronutrient recycling to promote sustainable algal biomass production
Carolyn Fisher, Postdoctoral Scientist
  • Analytical chemistry & molecular biology
  • Microalgae-bacteria associations that prevent predation
  • Algal mesocosm ecology
Kunal Poorey, Staff Scientist
  • Mathematical models & computational methods development
  • Software pipelines for complex biological systems
  • Informatics and machine learning applied to algal community systems
Kristina Mahan, Postdoctoral Scientist
  • Genetic manipulations of algal hosts
  • Biochemical role of exudates


Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Eoin Brodie, Deputy Director, LBL Climate & Ecosystem Sciences Division
  • Environmental microbial ecology & community dynamics
  • Technologies for multi-scale analysis of microbial diversity and function
  • Development of trait-based models to represent microbial interactions
Yiwei Cheng, Staff Scientist
  • Trait-based model development
  • Dynamic energy budget of algal communities


DOE Joint Genome Institute

Trent Northen, JGI Metabolomics Lead
  • Metabolomics & microbial metabolism
  • Development of extensive library of metabolite compounds
  • Novel exometabolites involved in microbial interactions
Ben Bowen
  • Bioinformatic and cheminformatic approaches for metabolomics
  • Analysis and annotation of untargeted metabolomics
  • Computational analysis to rapidly predict metabolite identifications


Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Mary Lipton
  • Proteomic characterization of environmental systems
  • New technologies for meta-proteomics of microbial communities
  • Protein quantitation, localization, and temporal changes in expression
Therese Clauss
  • Operation of mass spectrometers
  • Mass spectral analysis of samples
Carrie Nicora
  • Extraction of biomolecules from complex matrices
  • Preparation of samples for MS analysis
Lindsey Anderson
  • Proteomics based informatics development tools
  • Bioinformatics data interpretation
  • Proteomic informatics infrastructure


Stanford University

Alfred Spormann, Professor of Environmental Microbiology
  • Microbial physiology, metabolism, & metabolic ecology
  • Bacterial interactions with Chlamydomonas
Miriam Windler, Postdoctoral Scientist
  • Aquatic microbiology & molecular biology
  • Molecular dynamics of algal-bacterial interactions
  • Production of exopolymers and lipids by Chlamydomonas


University of California, Los Angeles

Sabeeha Merchant, Distinguished Professor of Biochemistry
  • Chlamydomonas biology, bioenergetics, & molecular genetics
  • Physiology of trace metals and elements in Chlamydomonas
  • Bacterial impact on expression of the algal genome
Stefan Schmollinger, Postdoctoral Scientist
  • Chlamydomonas physiology
  • Metal induced differential gene expression


Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Cullen Buie, Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering
  • Microscale flow physics for materials science and microbiology
  • Fluid mechanics, phenotyping in microfluidics
Qianru Wang, Graduate Student
  • Microfluidics & electrochemical applications to microbial interactions
  • Dielectrophoretic technology development for energy applications
Hyungseok Kim, Graduate Student
  • Microfluidics & electrochemical applications to microbial interactions
  • Dielectrophoretic technology development for energy applications


University of Texas, Austin

Christine Hawkes , Associate Professor of Integrative Biology
  • Effects of endophytic and mycorrhizal fungi on Panicum grasses
  • Manage UT Austin Experimental Rainfall Facility


Noble Research Institute

Kelly Craven, Associate Professor
  • Endophytic biology and systematics
  • Ecosystem function of the switchgrass symbiont, Serendipita bescii
  • Effects of Sebacinales fungi on biofuel crops


Texas A&M University, Corpus Christi

Paul Zimba, Director for the Center for Coastal Studies
  • Microalgal culturing and physiology


Alumni—Former Postdocs and Students

Yongqin Jiao
Daniel Nilson
Haifeng Geng
Javier Ceja-Navarro
Dagmar Woebken
Luke Burow
Catherine Lacayo
Jeremy Bougoure
Jackson Lee
Craig Everroad
Marc Griesemer
Adam Chorazyczewski



Brad Bebout
Lee Prufert-Bebout
Craig Everroad
Angela Detweiler
Carol Zhou
Meredith Blackwell
Oana Marcu
Anne Dekas